Formsprag Clutch

FHB Backstopping Clutches

The Formsprag FHB backstopping clutch is completely maintenance free. It engages instantaneously and automatically to prevent any reverse shaft rotation. These clutches are directly interchangeable with FALK Model BIF external high-speed backstops.

Torque range: 1,734 to 4,130 lb-ft (2,350 to 5,600 Nm)
Typical applications: Inclined conveyors, bucket elevators, mining applications

FSO Overrunning Clutches

Formsprag model FSO overrunning clutches are through-shaft mounted, with the inner race driven by a key. They are suitable for overrunning, backstopping, and light to medium-duty indexing applications. Wash-down duty options are available if necessary.

Torque range: 275 to 27,000 lb-ft (374 to 36,720 Nm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, dual drive applications

FSR Overrunning Clutches

FSR series overrunning clutches from Formsprag are sleave bearing supported and suitable for general purpose overrunning, indexing, and backstopping applications. A keyseat and snap-ring groove are provided to secure attached parts to the hub.

Torque range: 40 to 1,800 lb-ft (55 to 2,448 Nm)
Typical applications: Packaging, material handling

FW Clutch Couplings

Formsprag FW clutch couplings consist of an FSO clutch paired with a Form-Flex disc coupling. This allows the clutch coupling to accommodate misalignment for shaft-to-shaft in-line mounting. FW clutch couplings accommodate angular and parallel misalignment, are torsionally stiff, and can couple shafts of different sizes.

Torque range: 65 to 2,520 lb-ft (88 to 3,416 Nm)
Typical applications: Pumps, fans

GFR Modular Clutches

Formsprag’s GFR modular clutch is an excellent low speed backstop. The outer race of this clutch is designed to support and center any component bored to H7 tolerance. When used in an indexing application, indexes should not exceed 350 per minute

Torque range: 41 to 51,660 lb-ft (55 to 70,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Material handling, conveyors

HPI Indexing Clutches

Formsprag’s HPI indexing clutches are designed for medium to heavy-duty indexing applications. They are used to convert reciprocating linear motion into incremental, uniform rotary motion. Washdown options are available. Formsprag clutches are designed for long and dependable life.

Torque range: 275 to 27,000 lb-ft (374 to 36,720 Nm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, material feed applications

LLH Holdbacks

Formsprag Long Life Holdbacks (LLH) overrun in one direction, allowing rotation, while rotation in the opposite direction is prevented. This is accomplished by a one-piece, quickly detached torque arm fixed to one race. As the name implies, these are designed for long life and are sealed to protect against airborne contaminants.

Torque range: 5,000 to 700,000 lb-ft (6,800 to 952,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, bucket elevators, pumps, ski lifts, elevators

RL Overrunning Clutches

The Formsprag RL clutch permits transmission of driving torque in both directions, but restrains any feedback torque from the driven load from rotating the output shaft. The outer race diameter is the same size as standard bearing dimensions for easy mounting. This clutch operates with no backlash.

Torque range: 96 to 26,500 lb-in (10 to 3,003 Nm)
Typical applications: Dual drive applications, selective direction overrunning or backstopping applications