Power Electronics

Control Panels

Control panels from Power Electronics are ready-to-go and pre-wired for easy installation. PE control panels come factory inspected and fully tested. Explosion-proof options are available for applications requiring NEMA Type 7/9 enclosures.

Operating range: 208-230, 385-415, 460, and 575 VAC

Typical applications: Overhead crane and hoist systems”

Soft Start Controls

Power Electronics soft starts provide control over motor torque, allowing for smooth starting, reversing, acceleration, and deceleration. This control reduces mechanical and motor stress, which increases the life, reliability, and productivity of your equipment. PE soft starts can replace resistor ballasts, timers, fluid couplings, inductors, and other systems used to “cushion-start” 3-phase induction motors.

Typical applications: Overhead crane bridge/trolleys, monorails, conveyors, bottling equipment, palletizers, overhead doors

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

Power Electronics International, Inc. manufactures a variety of variable speed drives. PE VFDs have the highest current and temperature ratings in the industry. These drives can be seamlessly integrated with your existing crane controls. All Power Electronics products are made in the USA.

Operating range: 0.5 to 600+ HP (0.37 to 447+ kW)

Typical applications: Bridge cranes, trolleys, and monorails, hoists