Johnson Brake

CU/CX Disc Brakes

Johnson CU and CX Series DC magnetic disc brakes are dust and drip protected, and the terminal box uses an IP55 enclosure. They are used for service duty (CU) or emergency stop duty (CX).

Braking force: 809 to 50,600 lb (3.6 to 225 kN)

Typical applications: Cranes, conveyors, mining, steel mill machinery, nuclear power, oil field machinery

Rail Brakes

Johnson rail brakes use spring force to apply pressure directly to the top of a rail head. This protects rail mounted equipment during high winds or storms. Custom options are available to cater to your application.

Holding capacity: 10,000 to 100,000 lb (44 to 444 kN)

Typical applications: Gantry cranes, container terminals, shipyards

Rail Clamps

Johnson rail camps, also known as storm brakes, protect rail mounted equipment in the event of high winds or storms. A variety of options such as custom mountings, coatings, and materials are available.

Holding capacity: 1,000 to 150,000 lb (4.4 to 667 kN)

Typical applications: Gantry cranes, container terminals, shipyards

SMLB Thruster Brakes

Johnson SMLB thruster brakes are constructed of fabricated steel with high temperature, non-asbestos friction linings. A variety of special options are available, such as mechanical release levers, high temperature assemblies, and explosion-proof designs.

Torque range: 58 to 8,475 lb-ft (78 to 11,490 Nm)

Typical applications: Cranes, winches, stacker reclaimers, conveyors, ski lifts