Cellular Bumpers

Conductix-Wampfler cellular bumpers/buffers are made from a polyurethane elastomer. They have high absorption capacity with long compression lengths, resulting in good deceleration values.

Typical applications: Cranes, transfer cars, conveyors, rolling mill machinery

Lasstec Container Weighing Systems

Conductix-Wampfler’s LASSTEC container weighing system complies with the new SOLAS regulation. The system uses sensors in each twistlock of a spreader so that weight can be measured without interrupting work flow. LASSTEC can be installed on new systems or is easily retrofit. In addition to container weight, the system also detects load eccentricity and snags.

Typical applications: Container cranes, rubber tired gantry (RTG) cranes

Light Cam Limit Switches

Stromag Light Cam series geared cam limit switches are universal, mechanical switchgears. IP65 and IP66 rated housing are available. Geared cam limit switches are an economical solution where EN 60947 T5-1 / IEC 947-5-1 requires the use of positive opening switching contacts.

Typical applications: Cranes, wind turbines, bucket conveyors, stage and theater equipment

MSG85 Chair

Grammer’s MSG85 Series uses a top-of-the-line, fully mechanical suspension. To ensure ultimate operator comfort, a variety of optional features are available. These include lumbar support, seat swivel, seat heating, and a multifunctional control armrest.

Typical applications: Agriculture, turf care, construction, material handling

MSG87 Chair

Grammer MSG87 Series operator chairs feature a heavy-duty, extra-wide mechanical suspension. The chair is fully adjustable to ensure comfort for all operators.

Typical applications: Agriculture, construction, material handling

MSG95 Chair

Grammer MSG95 Series chairs absorb vibration with an air suspension, which can be tuned to the requirements of your application. Mechanical or pneumatic lumbar support is available for comfort. Seats can also be equipped with Grammer’s Dual Motion backrest system.

Typical applications: Agriculture, turf care, construction, material handling

Rubber Bumpers

Conductix-Wampfler rubber bumpers/buffers are available in a wide ranges of sizes. Among all elastomers, these have the highest mechanical and dynamic load capacities, while also offering good impact and abrasion resistance.

Typical applications: Cranes, conveyors, electric vehicles, material handling equipment

Series 51 Limit Switches

Stromag Series 51 geared cam limit switches are universal, mechanical switchgears. These limit switches use patented planetary gears and conform to DGUV V17 (formerly BGV C1) standards for stage engineering.

Typical applications: Cranes, wind turbines, stage and theater equipment

Snag Overload System

Pintsch Bubenzer’s snag overload system (SOS) is the first non-hydraulic snag protection system for container cranes. The SOS is a mechanical system which reacts within 5 ms of a snag load, and snag protection is complete in less than 100 ms. It’s also smaller, lighter, and requires less maintenance than conventional hydraulic protection systems.

Typical application: Container cranes