Airflex by Danfoss

200DPA Caliper Brake

Airflex’s 200DPA caliper brake has a robust design, making it well suited for high torque, high energy stopping applications. Its large hydraulic pistons are capable of high clamping force. The brake automatically compensates for friction shoe wear, and mounting options allow for different disc thicknesses.

Dynamic frictional force: 5,700 lb (25,354 N)
Static frictional force: 6,300 lb (28,023 N)
Typical applications: Conveyors, flywheel brakes, mining equipment, tensioning, wind turbines, marine propulsion

225DP100 Caliper Brake

Airflex caliper model 225DP100 can be either air or hydraulically actuated. They offer a great degree of customization by varying actuating pressure, number of calipers per disc, and disc diameter. This model also self-adjusts to compensate for friction material wear.

Dynamic frictional force: 2,540 lb (11,300 N) standard linings; 190 lb (845 N) lo-co linings
Static Friction force: 3,170 lb (14,100 N) standard linings
Typical applications: Conveyors, flywheel brakes, mining equipment, railroad maintenance equipment, tensioning, marine propulsion

CB Clutches and Brakes

The Airflex CB element assembly is air-actuated, with a neoprene rubber air tube providing the clamping force. Friction shoes mounted on the tube’s inside diameter engage around a cylindrical drum. In this design, the rubber air tube is bonded to the outer steel rim.

Torque range: 360 to 260,000 lb-in (41 to 29,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Metal forming, printing, oil and gas, rubber processing

CBC Clutch/Brake Combination

The Airflex CBC combines an air actuated disc clutch and a spring applied disc brake. Due to the CBC’s simple design, overlapping can’t occur between clutching and braking. This combination clutch/brake is ideally suited for high speed, high cyclic applications.

Dynamic brake torque range: 10,900 to 135,000 lb-in (1,231 to 15,253 Nm)
Static clutch torque range: 18,700 to 290,000 lb-in (2,113 to 32,765 Nm)
Typical applications: Punching machines, printing machines, shears, stamping and forming presses

CS and CSA Drum Brakes

Airflex model CS and CSA brakes are spring set, air released brakes. This fact combined with their responsiveness makes them a great fit for emergency braking applications. These brakes are unidirectional, meaning their braking torque is greatly reduced in the reverse direction.

Torque range: 3,000 to 27,000 lb-in (339 to 3,050 Nm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, draglines, hoists, stamping presses

DBA Brakes

Danfoss Airflex DBA disc brakes are spring applied and air or hydraulically released. The brake’s large friction area allows it to absorb and dissipate high energy loads. Lining wear adjustments aren’t required for single disc units, and dual disc units require only one wear adjustment over the entire life of the friction material.

Torque range: 176,700 to 339,000 lb-in (20,000 to 38,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Can-making machines, draglines, power shovels, conveyors, power presses

DBB Brakes

Airflex’s DBB disc brakes are spring applied and air or hydraulically released. The rotating components’ low inertia makes the DBB ideal for cyclic applications.

Torque range: 7,500 to 1,470,000 lb-in (847 to 166,101 Nm)
Typical applications: Bottling equipment, conveyors, shears

DC Clutches and Brakes

The Airflex type DC element is smaller than most other type clutches with comparable torque ratings. It has low inertia and is pressure actuated and spring released.

Torque range: 10,500 to 2,240,000 lb-in (1,190 to 252,900 Nm)
Typical applications: Power presses, tension brakes, unwind stands

E Clutches and Brakes

The Airflex type E element assembly is actuated by applying air to an expanding air bladder. Leaf springs are used to overcome centrifugal forces and insure that the friction shoes disengage.

Torque range: 11,300 to 225,000 lb-in (1,280 to 25,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking

FHB Brakes

Airflex’s FHB brake uses a patented floating housing design in place of the usual floating rotor. This air-cooled disc brake is spring applied and pressure released. It’s particularly well suited for heavy-duty industrial applications like those found in surface mining and oilfield machinery.

Torque range: 288,000 to 432,900 lb-in (32,540 to 48,918 Nm)
Typical applications: Dragline hoist, drag, swing, and propel/walk

PDC Clutch

The Airflex Pneumatic Disc Clutch has a simple design, utilizing an air tube to actuate the clutch’s plates. It features low friction wear, reduced heat generation, and easy maintenance.

Torque range: 65,000 to 843,000 lb-in (7,345 to 95,254 Nm)
Typical applications: Drawworks, dredging, recycling/shredding, logging equipment

Quick Release Valves

Airflex quick release valves (QRV) are three-way valves that allow air to exhaust faster out of your brake or clutch. This can allow for faster cyclic rates and reduce overlap between clutches and brakes. Optional muffler attachments reduce the exhaust noise.


Rotorseals from Airflex allow fluids to be transferred from a stationary supply to a rotating shaft. The fluids may include air or hydraulic fluid to control clutches and brakes, lubrication, or cooling oil. Rotorseals are available with single, dual, and triple passages to suit your needs.

Torque Limiting Coupling

Airflex’s Torque Limiting Coupling (TLC) is designed specifically to protect your grinding mill’s driveline from overloads. Slip detection control monitors system and automatically disengages the TLC if necessary. Unlike conventional torque limiting systems, the TLC is reset instantaneously, reducing equipment downtime.

Slip torque range: 3,400,000 to 11,700,000 lb-in (384,148  to 1,321,922 Nm)
Typical application: Grinding mills

VC Clutches and Brakes

The Airflex VC element assembly is an air-actuated constricting drum unit. The VC’s ventilated design allows rapid heat dissipation. The torque is carried by torque bars, and leaf springs retract the friction shoes when air pressure is released. Because of this construction, all components are available as replacement parts when refurbishing the unit.

Torque range: 27,000 to 3,660,000 lb-in (3,050 to 413,057 Nm)
Typical applications: Grinding mills, marine propulsion, metal forming machinery

VE Clutches and Brakes

The Airflex type VE element assembly is air actuated and utilizes a rubber air tube. When air pressure is applied, the tube expands, causing friction shoes to engage with the inside diameter of a drum. The VE has an open construction which allows better air flow to help cool the unit.

Torque range: 25,500 to 58,500 lb-in (2,880 to 6,610 Nm)
Typical applications: Construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking

Water-Cooled Clutches and Brakes

Airflex water-cooled brakes (WCB & WCB2) are disc type, externally cooled units. These brakes can dissipate a large amount of heat and are available in a variety of models and sizes. Both spring-applied and air-applied options are available to suit your application.

Torque range: 2,700 to 2,830,000 lb-in (305 to 319,507 Nm)
Typical applications: Paper mills, drawworks, winches, mooring systems, dynamometers