TB Woods

Disc-O-Torque Clutch

The TB Wood’s Disc-O-Torque friction disc clutches can operate wet or dry, and with hydraulic or pneumatic actuation. The have high torque density, long life, and are self-contained.

Torque range: 50 to 1,776 lb-ft (67 to 2,407 Nm)
Typical applications: Machine tools, conveyors, pumps

Dura-Flex Couplings

TB Wood’s Dura-Flex couplings have a two-piece element, making installation easy. The element is light weight and absorbs shock loading and torsional vibration.

Torque range: 190 to 39,500 lb-in (21 to 4,462 Nm)
Typical applications: Pumps, agitators, conveyors, paper mills, shredders, cranes

Form-Flex Couplings

TB Wood’s Form-Flex disc couplings feature all metal construction and require no lubrication. This gives them a long operating life and high torsional stiffness. Special materials and coatings are available to protect the coupling in corrosive environments.

Torque range: 300 to 4,000,000 lb-in (33 to 451,939 Nm)
Typical applications: Pumps, compressors, fans, machine tools, cooling towers, printing presses, power generation

Sure-Flex Couplings

TB Wood’s Sure-Flex couplings absorb virtually all types of shock, misalignment, and end float. No lubrication or maintenance is required. Variations such as close-coupled, spacer, and split sleeves are available.

Torque range: 78 to 72,480 lb-in (8 to 8,189 Nm)
Typical applications: Pumps, generators, hoists, conveyors

Sure-Grip Bushings

TB Wood’s Sure-Grip quick detachable (QD) bushings are easy to install and remove. The tapered design provides a mechanical interference fit on the shaft. Sure-Grip bushings have more clamping force than competitive bushings due to their more gradual taper.

Torque range: 1,750 to 625,000 lb-in (197 to 70,615 Nm)
Typical applications: Sheaves, pulleys, sprockets, gears, couplings

Taper-Lock Bushings

TB Wood’s Taper-Lock bushings provide a mechanical interference fit on the shaft. Their design keeps the hub smaller, allowing closer mounting to bearings and other equipment.

Torque range: 1,200 to 416,000 lb-in (135 to 47,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Sheaves, pulleys, sprockets, gears, couplings