Lutex LKB Clutch/Brake

The Desch Lutex LKB combination clutch/brake (C-B-C) has a low moment of inertia and a compact design. The brake is spring applied, and when sufficient air pressure is applied, the brake disengages, engaging the clutch. The LKB series covers most standard clutch/brake mounting arrangements.

Clutch torque: 184 to 84,820 lb-ft (250 to 115,000 Nm)
Brake torque: 103 to 47,941 lb-ft (140 to 65,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Presses, shears

Planox PP Clutch

Desch Planox PP clutches are pneumatically actuated. The design is simple, maintenance-free, and sturdy. PP clutches have a successful track record in applications with high engaging/disengaging frequency.

Torque range: 95 to 59,521 lb-ft (130 to 80,700 Nm)
Typical applications: Construction machinery, marine drives, energy generation, extruders

Servox Brake

The Desch Servox brake is spring applied, hydraulically released. It’s usually used as a static holding brake, but can function as a dynamic safety brake.

Torque range: 8,113 to 22,126 lb-ft (11,000 to 30,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Presses