Pintsch Bubenzer

EBN Brakes

Pintsch Bubenzer EBN series drum thruster brakes operate according to the DIN 15435 standard. Bushings are self-lubricating and do not require greasing. A range of thrusters are available to suit your application.

Torque range: 221 to 5,103 lb-ft (300 to 6,920 Nm)
Typical applications: Overhead cranes, mining, steel mills

KFB Brakes

Pintsch Bubenzer KFB series brakes are spring applied, electromechanically released safety brakes. Class IP67 protection is standard on these brakes. This compact design requires low maintenance and has a high wear reserve.

Torque range: 36 to 1,180 lb-ft (50 to 1,600 Nm)
Typical applications: Gantry cranes, steel mills, wind energy, coal mining

SB Brakes

Pintsch Bubenzer SB thruster disc brakes are spring-set and electromagnetically released. They have a compact design, and wear adjustment is simple.

Torque range: 75 to 21,241 lb-ft (103 to 28,800 Nm)
Typical applications: Cranes, steel mills, mining

SFB Brakes

The Pintsch Bubenzer SFB series brake is a spring applied safety brake which is electromechanically released. They feature IP67 rated protection and high wear resistance. A variety of special options are available to best serve your specific application.

Torque range: 33 to 1,843 lb-ft (45 to 2,500 Nm)
Typical applications: Gantry cranes, winches and deck machinery, steel mills

Snag Overload System

Pintsch Bubenzer’s snag overload system (SOS) is the first non-hydraulic snag protection system for container cranes. The SOS is a mechanical system which reacts within 5 ms of a snag load, and snag protection is complete in less than 100 ms. It’s also smaller, lighter, and requires less maintenance than conventional hydraulic protection systems.

Typical application: Container cranes