Torsional Couplings

Dura-Flex Couplings

TB Wood’s Dura-Flex couplings have a two-piece element, making installation easy. The element is light weight and absorbs shock loading and torsional vibration.

Torque range: 190 to 39,500 lb-in (21 to 4,462 Nm)
Typical applications: Pumps, agitators, conveyors, paper mills, shredders, cranes

HTB Couplings

The Renold HTB coupling offers protection against severe shock loads. They’re designed for bell housing applications and are intrinsically failsafe. These couplings can handle temperatures up to 400° F (200° C).

Torque range: 885 to 29,500 lb-ft (1.2 to 40 kNm)
Typical applications: Marine propulsion, compressors, generator sets, pumps, rail traction

Megiflex B Coupling

The Megliflex B coupling by American Vulkan is a versatile coupling with a modular design. The coupling is torsionally soft and has high misalignment capabilities. It’s also designed with a built-in failsafe device.

Torque range: 7 to 2,304 lb-ft (0.010 to 3.125 kNm)
Typical applications: Marine propulsion, auxiliary drives

Periflex Couplings

Periflex couplings from Stromag are flexible rubber couplings for use with internal combustion engines. The Periflex VN is flanged to mount directly to standard flywheels. The Periflex CS is designed to connect an engine flywheel to a cardan shaft flange.

Torque range: 18 to 46,466 lb-ft (25 to 63,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Steel mills, cranes, conveyors, mining, paper machinery, shipbuilding, construction, PTO’s

PM Coupling

Renold PM flexible couplings allow for axial, angular, and radial misalignment while dampening vibration and protecting against shock loads. PM couplings require no lubrication or adjustment. A variety of rubber elements are available for optimal performance.

Torque range: 106 to 1,720,976 lb-ft (0.14 to 2,333 kNm)
Typical applications: Pumps, fans, compressors, cranes, conveyors

Propflex Couplings

American Vulkan Propflex couplings isolate driveline vibrations, reducing noise better than conventional displacement couplings. These couplings also compensate for radial, axial, and angular misalignment.

Torque range: 2,065 to 39,238 lb-ft (2.8 to 53.2 kNm)
Typical application: Propeller shafts

Rato Coupling

American Vulkan Rato couplings are torsionally flexible and compensate for radial, axial, and angular misalignment. They can be used on both flexibly and rigidly mounted engines. Couplings are designed for maximum heat dissipation and long life.

Torque range: 5,900 to 5,900,000 lb-ft (8 to 800 kNm)
Typical applications: Marine propulsion, auxiliary drives, generators

Sure-Flex Couplings

TB Wood’s Sure-Flex couplings absorb virtually all types of shock, misalignment, and end float. No lubrication or maintenance is required. Variations such as close-coupled, spacer, and split sleeves are available.

Torque range: 78 to 72,480 lb-in (8 to 8,189 Nm)
Typical applications: Pumps, generators, hoists, conveyors

Vulastik Coupling

American Vulkan Vulastik L couplings use an extremely compact design for more efficient engines with high power density. Styles are available which allow the element to be replaced without moving the adjacent machinery.

Torque range: 383 to 38,353 lb-ft (0.52 to 52 kNm)
Typical applications: Marine propulsion, auxiliary drives, generators

Vulkardan Coupling

American Vulkan Vulkardan couplings dampen torsional vibration and compensate for raial, axial, and angular misalignment. This coupling is designed for freestanding engine installations. Different element properties are available to best fit the requirements of your application.

Torque range: 154 to 60,406 lb-ft (0.21 to 81.9 kNm)
Typical applications: Marine propulsion, auxiliary drives, generators