Windmill Brakes

ID3000 Hydraulic Caliper Brake

Coremo ID 3000 hydraulic brakes can operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -40° to 392° F (-40° to 200° C). The brake has an inductive ON/OFF sensor to indicate opening and closing. A wear indicator warns when maximum lining pad wear is reached.

Braking force: 44,961 to 60,698 lbf (200,000 to 270,000 N)
Typical applications: Steel processing, conveyors, wind turbines, amusement rides, marine propulsion

VKSD Caliper Brakes

Twiflex VKSD modular brake calipers are spring applied, hydraulically released, and deliver greater braking force than the VCS. The two halves (modules) are mounted each side of a central mounting plate which is thicker than the brake disc. The VKSD-FL is a single module option, for use where space is limited or to accomodate axial disc float.

Braking force: 6,295 to 26,752 lb (28 to 119 kN)
Typical applications: Metals processing, conveyors, grinding mills, wind turbines, amusement rides, marine propulsion