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Rolling Mill Shafts

Double Universal Joint

Belden Universal’s double universal joints are made to the same exacting standards as their single universal joints. Double universal joints allow for a larger operating angle, and using phased double joints allows for equal input and output speeds, provided operating angles are equal.

Torque range: 18 to 5,735 lb-in (2.1 to 648 Nm)
Typical applications: Metalworking machinery, printing machinery, conveyors, packaging systems, steering systems, machine tools

Geared Mill Spindles

Renold Ajax geared mill spindles offer high power density and long life. Renold uses a roll end piloting system to reduce bore wear and vibration.

Typical applications: Roughing mills, finishing mills

Gewes Cardan Driveshafts

Gewes cardan shafts are high quality, low maintenance, and reliable. They transmit torque while allowing for misalignment between driving and driven shafts. With a variety of sizes, lengths, angles, slips, and flanges available, Gewes cardan driveshafts can meet the specific needs of nearly any application.

Torque range: 73 to 165,951 lb-ft (100 to 225,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Steel mill machinery, paper mill machinery, pumps, amusement rides, marine propulsion, wastewater treatment