Our customer was relining his drum brake shoes every 2-4 weeks. Since we were supplying the linings, it was good for us but we realized it was not good for our customer. We suggested that they let us review the application.


We found their highest usage was on their shipping cranes, which operated at capacity 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-a-week. The existing hoist brake was a 13-inch drum design. After a careful review of the mounting and envelope, we proposed a 17-inch diameter disc brake. We knew that the increased swept surface would significantly reduce the contact temperatures. As a result, we anticipated a large drop in friction wear.

It took a mounting modification, but they agreed it was worth a try. We were both right. The new caliper disc brake lasted a year prior to friction puck change. Since then, our customer has upgraded the brakes on all of their shipping cranes and is now working on production cranes.