A processing plant runs a large inclined conveyor to feed the entire operation. A large holdback clutch prohibits the loaded belt from reversing which would be disastrous. Because of the critical nature of this installation, they have two units on the head shaft, though one would carry the load.

After an extended life, they found it was time to replace these units. They had a spare but delivery on a second new unit was three months, due to availability of large forgings. This was not an acceptable situation.


We double checked accelerated production of a new assembly and were unable to significantly improve the original time frame. We scoured the country to see if we could find another existing unit with no luck.

Since the holdback clutch was critical to their whole operation, without it, everything must be shut down. Running without a spare was not an option.

At that point, we suggested considering re-building one of their existing units. We could probably re-use the races, eliminating the need for long lead forgings. After detailing the parts required, it was determined the holdback could be turned around in two to three weeks.

Not only would the rebuilt assembly be less expensive and include a new warranty, but the quicker delivery was the real key and solution to this situation.