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Jaw Couplings

CJ Jaw Couplings

Lovejoy CJ type curved jaw couplings provide improved torsional softness compared to standard jaw couplings. These couplings are easy to install and are failsafe in that they’ll still transfer torque even if the elastomer fails. Four different elastomers are available to best suit the application.

Torque range: 35 to 309,750 lb-in (4 to 34,996 Nm)
Typical applications: Pumps, gear boxes, compressors, blowers and fans, mixers, conveyors, generator sets

L/AL Jaw Couplings

Lovejoy L and AL type jaw couplings require no lubrication and are very reliable. Lovejoy offers the largest variety of stock bore/keyway combinations in the industry. AL couplings use aluminum hubs for lighter weight and corrosion protection.

Torque range: 3.5 to 12,500 lb-in (0.4 to 1,412 Nm)
Typical applications: Pumps, gear boxes, compressors, blowers, mixers, conveyors