Drum Clutches and Brakes

CB Clutches and Brakes

The Eaton Airflex CB element assembly is air-actuated, with a neoprene rubber air tube providing the clamping force. Friction shoes mounted on the tube’s inside diameter engage around a cylindrical drum. In this design, the rubber air tube is bonded to the outer steel rim.

Torque range: 360 to 260,000 lb-in (41 to 29,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Metal forming, printing, oil and gas, rubber processing

Centric Centrifugal Clutches

Boston Gear Centric Centrifugal Clutches (CCC) can be used for soft starts, or, conversely, to brake a runaway system. These clutches are very efficient and require no external controls. All CCC series clutches are custom designed to best fit your application.

Power range: 40 to 2,280 HP (29 to 1,700 kW)

Typical applications: Turbines, generators, elevators, conveyors, pumps

CS and CSA Drum Brakes

Eaton model CS and CSA brakes are spring set, air released brakes. This fact combined with their responsiveness makes them a great fit for emergency braking applications. These brakes are unidirectional, meaning their braking torque is greatly reduced in the reverse direction.

Torque range: 3,000 to 27,000 lb-in (339 to 3,050 Nm)
Typical applications: Conveyors, draglines, hoists, stamping presses

E Clutches and Brakes

The Eaton Airflex type E element assembly is actuated by applying air to an expanding air bladder. Leaf springs are used to overcome centrifugal forces and insure that the friction shoes disengage.

Torque range: 11,300 to 225,000 lb-in (1,280 to 25,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking

EBN Brakes

Pintsch Bubenzer EBN series drum thruster brakes operate according to the DIN 15435 standard. Bushings are self-lubricating and do not require greasing. A range of thrusters are available to suit your application.

Torque range: 221 to 5,103 lb-ft (300 to 6,920 Nm)
Typical applications: Overhead cranes, mining, steel mills

NLS Centrifugal Clutches

Boston Gear NLS centrifugal clutches allow for systems to be started without load. In addition to aiding in startup, these clutches protect against shock loads by slipping when overloaded. NLS clutches are available in both free engagement and delayed engagement models.

Power range: 0.2 to 8,360 HP (0.15 to 6,234 kW)

Typical applications: Turbines, generators, elevators, conveyors, pumps

SMLB Thruster Brakes

Johnson SMLB thruster brakes are constructed of fabricated steel with high temperature, non-asbestos friction linings. A variety of special options are available, such as mechanical release levers, high temperature assemblies, and explosion-proof designs.

Torque range: 58 to 8,475 lb-ft (78 to 11,490 Nm)

Typical applications: Cranes, winches, stacker reclaimers, conveyors, ski lifts

Torque Limiting Coupling

Eaton Airflex’s Torque Limiting Coupling (TLC) is designed specifically to protect your grinding mill’s driveline from overloads. Slip detection control monitors system and automatically disengages the TLC if necessary. Unlike conventional torque limiting systems, the TLC is reset instantaneously, reducing equipment downtime.

Slip torque range: 3,400,000 to 11,700,000 lb-in (384,148  to 1,321,922 Nm)
Typical application: Grinding mills

VC Clutches and Brakes

The Eaton Airflex VC element assembly is an air-actuated constricting drum unit. The VC’s ventilated design allows rapid heat dissipation. The torque is carried by torque bars, and leaf springs retract the friction shoes when air pressure is released. Because of this construction, all components are available as replacement parts when refurbishing the unit.

Torque range: 27,000 to 3,660,000 lb-in (3,050 to 413,057 Nm)
Typical applications: Grinding mills, marine propulsion, metal forming machinery

VE Clutches and Brakes

The Eaton Airflex type VE element assembly is air actuated and utilizes a rubber air tube. When air pressure is applied, the tube expands, causing friction shoes to engage with the inside diameter of a drum. The VE has an open construction which allows better air flow to help cool the unit.

Torque range: 25,500 to 58,500 lb-in (2,880 to 6,610 Nm)
Typical applications: Construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking