Clutch and Brake Accessories

Anderson Clamp Hub

CCA’s Anderson Keyless Clamp Hub is a quick and easy solution to virtually any shaft connection. They can be used on straight, keyed, hydraulic, tapered, or splined shafts. The Anderson clamp hub is installed and removed with only hand tools, no heat or hydraulics required. These hubs can be used to mount Flexxor and UltraFlexx couplings, as well as fan blades, gears, brake discs, and much more.

Torque range: 1,875 to 8,020,500 lb-in (212 to 906,196 Nm)
Typical applications: Compressors, fans, pumps, gas turbines, test stands

Quick Release Valves

Eaton Airflex quick release valves (QRV) are three-way valves that allow air to exhaust faster out of your brake or clutch. This can allow for faster cyclic rates and reduce overlap between clutches and brakes. Optional muffler attachments reduce the exhaust noise.


Rotorseals from Eaton Airflex allow fluids to be transferred from a stationary supply to a rotating shaft. The fluids may include air or hydraulic fluid to control clutches and brakes, lubrication, or cooling oil. Rotorseals are available with single, dual, and triple passages to suit your needs.

SLD Locking Devices

Lovejoy shaft locking devices (SLD) connect hubs solidly to shafts using a keyless mechanical interference fit. They use screw tension to expand the SLD to fill the gap between hub and shaft. This makes them easy to install and remove, and allows hubs to be more accurately positioned on the shaft.

Torque range: 1.73 to 565,563 lb-ft (2.3 to 766,800 Nm)
Typical applications: Sheaves, sprockets, gears, driveshafts, coupling mounting

Sure-Grip Bushings

TB Wood’s Sure-Grip quick detachable (QD) bushings are easy to install and remove. The tapered design provides a mechanical interference fit on the shaft. Sure-Grip bushings have more clamping force than competitive bushings due to their more gradual taper.

Torque range: 1,750 to 625,000 lb-in (197 to 70,615 Nm)
Typical applications: Sheaves, pulleys, sprockets, gears, couplings

Taper-Lock Bushings

TB Wood’s Taper-Lock bushings provide a mechanical interference fit on the shaft. Their design keeps the hub smaller, allowing closer mounting to bearings and other equipment.

Torque range: 1,200 to 416,000 lb-in (135 to 47,000 Nm)
Typical applications: Sheaves, pulleys, sprockets, gears, couplings

TLB System

Twiflex’s Turning, Locking, and Braking System (TLB) integrates all three functions into a single system. This reduces costs, space required, and installation and maintenance time. The TLB system is fully designed and built in-house by Twiflex.

Turning torques up to 334,850 lb-ft (454,000 Nm)
Braking and locking torques up to 635,780 lb-ft (862,000 Nm)
Typical application: Marine propulsion