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  • July 30, 2018

TurboTwister Turbine Air Starters

TDI’s TurboTwister air starter is pound-for-pound the most powerful air starter in the industry. It delivers more power per unit of air than the TurboTwin design while having fewer moving parts. This is TDI’s most rugged, reliable, and versatile starter, allowing it to cover […]

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Elettrotek Cable: Spreader Cables – Basket and Reeling

Elettrotek Kabel spreader cables can be used indoors or outdoors. They’re self-extiguishing and flame retardant. Cables can be UV, oil, moisture, and ozone resistant depending on your environment. Special versions are available for very cold temperatures.

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Elettrotek Cable: Reeling Cables

Elettrotek Kabel reeling offers reeling cables for whatever your power needs. Features such as self-extinguishing and flame retardant cables and resistance to UV, oil, chemicals, and moisture are available.

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Elettrotek Cable: Festoon Cables – Round and Flat

Elettrotek Kabel offers a variety of round and flat festoon cables. Depending on the cable, they are resistant to UV, oil, and water. Cables are flexible and able to operate in temperatures down to -76° F (-60° C). Halogen-free options are also available.

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Reeling Cables

Prysmian reeling cables can be used indoors and outdoors, and are resistant to ozone, UV, and moisture. Cables can suit special applications, such as those with high mechanical stress or low temperature. Typical applications: Gantry cranes, E-RTG’s

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Festoon Cables – Round and Flat

Prysmian round and flat festoon cables are highly flexible and available with a variety of core configurations. Prysmian offers screened cables for applications where power cables are expected to cause interference with data cables. Typical applications: Cranes, drag lines, machine tools, material handling systems

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MSG95 Chair

Grammer MSG95 Series chairs absorb vibration with an air suspension, which can be tuned to the requirements of your application. Mechanical or pneumatic lumbar support is available for comfort. Seats can also be equipped with Grammer’s Dual Motion backrest system. Typical applications: Agriculture, turf […]

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MSG87 Chair

Grammer MSG87 Series operator chairs feature a heavy-duty, extra-wide mechanical suspension. The chair is fully adjustable to ensure comfort for all operators. Typical applications: Agriculture, construction, material handling

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MSG85 Chair

Grammer’s MSG85 Series uses a top-of-the-line, fully mechanical suspension. To ensure ultimate operator comfort, a variety of optional features are available. These include lumbar support, seat swivel, seat heating, and a multifunctional control armrest. Typical applications: Agriculture, turf care, construction, material handling

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