Conveyor Fluid Coupling

Constant Fill Fluid Couplings

Voith Turbo constant fill couplings allow for smooth start-up of the machine with no initial load on the motor. They also provide overload protection and vibration dampening.

Typical applications: Cranes, bucket conveyors, wind turbines, pumps, crushers

Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings

Wichita Mesur-Fil fluid couplings deliver reliable smooth power transmission, specifically in a soft start or overload application. The coupling is ideal for applications with high inertia loads and designed with no mechanical contact of internal parts. This will insure minimal maintenance and long life.

Motor HP – ½ to 1,500 HP
Applications – Conveyors, Crushers, Shredders, Amusement Park Rides and Ski Chair Lifts