This manufacturer supplies special vehicles to airports. Some of the auxiliary equipment is hydraulically driven. The coupling that they were using to drive the hydraulic pump was failing on a regular basis. Our customer needed to eliminate this high maintenance item.


We visited and reviewed the application. The power requirements were within the normal range of the existing coupling. It became apparent that the failures were resulting from excessive misalignment. Closer examination revealed that the misalignment was occurring due to the vehicle frame flexing. There was no simple way to stiffen the frame. We needed to find an alternate coupling with more misalignment capacity.

The existing envelope was very tight and the pump shaft was splined. These conditions necessitated some special modifications. We were able to finalize a design that would be a direct replacement with additional torque and misalignment capacity.

Testing went well, and our special assembly is being phased into the fleet. If you have a problem coupling, give us a call and we ‘ll work with you to find a solution