PROBLEMA large wastewater treatment facility has several process tanks, which contain large, slow moving, mixing arms. The nature of the design results in some occasional large overloads.

The original design included shear bolts. The operators quickly figured out that a heavy bolt reduced the chances of a shut down. However, when a significant load came along, they sheared the shaft instead.

Next, they tried an overload clutch. After a year, due to the nasty environment, the unit had corroded and seized. Again, they sheared the shaft.

SOLUTIONWe have done a lot of work in this area and have come across many similar situations. We had been involved in the development of a simple stainless steel design with excellent sealing.

We reviewed their torque and speed requirements and examined their sprocket mount. We were able to come up with a direct drop-in. It turned out that installation and removal was even easier than expected, adding another benefit.

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