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Supplier & Distributor Of Wichita Clutch Transmission Products & Parts

Supplier & Distributor Wichita Clutch Transmission Products & Parts


Here at The Rowland Company, we have a deep history and a high level of expertise when it comes to manufacturing, and we are proud to be a trusted leader for supplying & distributing transmission products for industrial applications. We carry a full line of Wichita Clutch products, including the Model CBA clutch brake, an oil-immersed combination brake that features pneumatic or hydraulic actuation and accommodates bi-directional rotation. We also carry water-cooled products such as the KK/SS Kopper Kool spring set break/clutch. With dry running friction surfaces, this model has copper plates that quickly transfer the heat away from the friction surfaces to give excellent control and a long life. Our Mesur-Fil fluid couplings are designed with no mechanical contact of internal parts, ensuring a product with remarkable endurance and low maintenance.

To learn more about the quality line of brakes and clutches available from Wichita Clutch, please contact us directly.

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wichita low inertia clutch brakeLow Inertia Clutches and Brakes

Wichita Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes are designed to reduce acceleration times and heat generation, which allows your equipment to operate at more cycles per minute. These disc-type units utilize an air tube and engage smoothly. They're perfectly suited for high cyclic duties like punch presses and can be slipped moderately for tension control on paper unwind stands.






Wichita Standard Vent ClutchStandard Vent and Grinding Mill Clutches

Standard Vent Clutches from Wichita Clutch are designed for smooth start-up of large inertia loads. In this class, Wichita offers Grinding Mill Clutches, specifically designed for quick, shock-free starting of heavy duty grinding mills. These clutches limit current surge associated with accelerating the load, eliminating the need for special high torque motors. They also have high heat dissipation to allow for jogging and inching.






wichita kopper kool brakeKopper Kool Brakes and Clutches

Kopper Kool disc units are available either pneumatically actuated or in a fail-safe spring-set model. Wichita Clutch's water cooled units are designed for continuous slip tension applications, like uncoilers or winches. The use of water cooling and copper wear plates provides for high thermal capacity.








wichita aquamakks brakeAquaMakks Water Cooled Clutches and Brakes

AquaMakks disc units are available in pneumatic, hydraulic, or spring-set actuator models. As the friction discs wear, adjustments can be made by removing shims, which requires no unit disassembly. The standard design is suitable for marine deck environments, meaning no optional salt water corrosion protection is required. In addition, the Wichita AquaMakks makes use of a composite water jacket, which is only 25% the weight of similar metal jackets. The composite material won't corrode, so salt water or acidic water can be used for cooling.







Mechanical Power Take-Offs

Wichita's mechanical PTO's are powered by a mechanical 2-plate truck clutch. Built-in damping springs on the clutch; driven discs and no pilot bearing are some of the standard features that make Wichita's mechanical PTO user friendly when applied in the harsh environment of diesel engines.  A reinforced bearing housing make operating these PTOs on fuel barge pumps an ideal application.






wichita mesur-fil fluid couplingMesur-Fil Fluid Couplings

Designed to deliver reliable smooth power transmission, specifically in a soft start or overload application. The Wichita Mesur-Fil fluid coupling is designed with no mechanical contact of internal parts and come standard with Viton oil seals. This will insure minimal maintenance and long life.These are available for electric motors from ½ HP to 50HP that operate at speeds as low as 500 RPM and as high as 3600 RPM. During start-up the fluid coupling will reduce the current draw on your electric motor by 33%.