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Supplier & Distributor Of Lovejoy High Performance Jaw, Gear & Disc Couplings

Supplier & Distributor Lovejoy High Performance Jaw, Gear & Disc Couplings


At the The Rowland Company we take pride in our rich heritage as Pennsylvania’s oldest business and a trusted leader in transmission component distribution for our customers. We proudly carry a full line of quality Lovejoy jaw, gear, and disc couplings. The Jaw Type couplings from Lovejoy have no metal-to-metal contact and require no lubrication. They are resistant to oil, dirt, sand, moisture, and grease and are fail safe, still performing even if the elastomer fails. We also carry Lovejoy High Performance Gear couplings, which are dynamically balanced with body fitted bolts in reamed holes, and with custom design assistance available. And for today’s worldwide power transmission market, Lovejoy’s Disc Couplings have advanced designs that eliminate the need for lubrication and coupling maintenance, with long life and resistance to the most difficult environments.

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