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Supplier & Distributor of Flexible Coupling Products

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Flexible Couplings Distributor
Flexible Couplings Distributor
Grid Spacer Flexible Coupling
Grid Spacer Flexible Coupling
RB Coupling Supplier
RB Coupling Supplier
Vl 2830 Flexible Coupling Distributor
Vl 2830 Flexible Coupling Distributor

For the effective transmission of torque between misaligned shafts, The Rowland Company offers a complete line of high quality flexible couplings including gear, jaw, torsional, disc, fluid, and rubber couplings. We provide reliable and cost effective couplings from recognized industry names including the easily installed and quiet performing Sure-Flex®, Dura-Flex®, and Form-Flex® lines of couplings from TB Woods; and the exceptionally lightweight designed FLEXXOR and UltraFLEXX couplings from Coupling Corporation of America, ideal for demanding applications. Our couplings feature lubrication and maintenance free models; environmentally compatible options for sustainable development, couplings ideal for harsh environments, and couplings for export markets that meet European standards with complete customer support. All equipment is produced to the highest industry standards, safely meeting the rugged applications of customers across a range of industries. For more details about the various flexible couplings available please contact us directly.

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PDF Lovejoy Disc Couplings (PDF - 1.28MB)
PDF Lovejoy Gear Couplings (PDF - 1.23MB)
PDF Lovejoy Grid Type (PDF - 214KB)
PDF Lovejoy Jaw Type (PDF - 313KB)
PDF Lovejoy Torsional Couplings (PDF - 1.11MB)

Lovejoy Features & Benefits

  • Leader in couplings, power transmission, hydraulic components, and rubber suspension technology, Lovejoy's first priority is responding to customer needs all over the world
  • Premier supplier of flexible shaft couplings and other power transmission components
  • Stocks and modifies couplings compatible with European standards and for machinery built for export markets. The company also provides European-based technical and customer support
  • Committed to producing the highest quality products. The use of state-of-art manufacturing equipment such as CNC turning, milling, and drilling allows Lovejoy to produce components to the most exacting specifications and quality standards
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Vulkan Features & Benefits

  • Certification with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2008) and Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP Gold) certification
  • Ensures couplings, drive tech and locking products are manufactured at the highest industrial quality standards
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Coupling Corporation of America Features & Benefits

  • A manufacturer of shaft couplings, flexible shaft couplings and keyless hubs for large rotating machinery and other shaft coupling applications
  • Shaft couplings come standard with clamp hubs for a strong shaft connection with no keys, heat or hydraulics
  • The FLEXXOR couplings and the UltraFLEXX coupling's exceptionally light-weight design does not compromise performance or reliability since they are engineered for the most demanding applications
  • No maintenance is required for our shaft couplings and no lubrication is needed
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Voith Fluid Couplings with Constant Fill (PDF - 2.23MB)

Voith Features & Benefits

  • Globally active engineering company with a broad portfolio covering plants, products and industrial services
  • Supplies essential markets: energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive
  • Obligated to conduct environmentally compatible, clean and fair business with long-term success
  • Contributes to the sustainable development of national economies and society
  • Known for the quality and longevity of our plants, systems, drives, equipment and services with the safety of our products being a key quality characteristic

PDF Flexible Couplings (PDF - 3.31MB)

TB Wood's Features & Benefits

  • Industry leading designer and manufacturer of mechanical power transmission equipment for industrial control
  • Products include clutches and brakes, synchronous and belted variable speed drives, grid, disk, jaw, gear coupling and elastomeric coupling products, sheaves and bushings
  • Registered trademarks products include Sure-Flex®, Dura-Flex® Form-Flex®, G-Flex® and QT Bushing®
  • Built for durability, designed for extreme conditions

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