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Supplier & Distributor Of Eaton Airflex Drum Water & Air Cooled Clutches & Brakes

Supplier & Distributor Eaton Airflex Drum Water & Air Cooled Clutches & Brakes


With a history that extends all the way back to 1732, it’s hard to find businesses with more experience than The Rowland Company. We specialize in the distribution of industrial power transmission products, and are proud to feature drum, water-cooled, and air-cooled clutches and brakes from Eaton Airflex. For instance, we stock Eaton Airflex CB and VC drum style products, used as both clutches and brakes. These are suited for high speed, cyclic operations, as well as for coupling and general power transmission. In the area of water-cooled products, Eaton Airflex’s WCB2 and WCBD brakes feature specially formulated friction material for tension control  and continuous slip service. The brakes work well with both open and closed loop circulating systems. With other products available such as air-cooled brakes, caliper brakes and rotorseals, our partnership with Eaton assures high quality brakes and clutches for virtually all of our clients’ industrial applications. In addition, we are an Authorized Eaton Airflex Repair and Rebuild Center.

To learn more about the range of industrial brake products available from Eaton Airflex, please contact us directly.

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airflex cb elementCB Clutches and Brakes

When pressurized, the neoprene and cord tube contained in these elements expands, clamping down on the drum. In this design, the friction shoes are mounted directly onto the tube. The Eaton Airflex type CB element is suited for high speed, cyclic operations, coupling, and general power transmission. They are used in industrial machinery in can-making, commercial laundry, metal forming, oil and gas, printing, rubber processing and tire building applications.


airflex vc elementVC Clutches and Brakes

The type VC is designed for severe clutching and braking applications, such as those involving high inertia loads and sustained slipping. Applications include grinding mills, marine propulsion, metal forming, and oil field machinery. The VC differs from the CB in that the friction shoes are carried by metal backing plates and bars. This ventilated design allows air to pass through and dissipate heat. Should a failure occur, all parts of the VC element are available as replacement parts, rather than necessitating a complete new unit. 


airflex wcb water cooled brakeWater-Cooled Brakes

Eaton Airflex WCB2 and WCBD water cooled brakes are disc type, externally cooled units. They’re designed for continuous slip service and can handle large thermal loads. Uses include drilling rigs, slip clutches, tension brakes, and more.

Eaton recently released its Water Cooled Third Generation Brake, which is offered in two styles, WCBD3 and WCSB3. This iteration features improved internal design and increased water flow, allowing for even better energy dissipation. The Third Generation brake offers the highest HP rating in its class and retrofits to existing WC brake mounting. Other improvements include a more robust design, easier maintenance, and higher coolant flow with 60% lower pressure drop.

airflex dbbs brakeAir Cooled Brakes

Eaton Airflex offers a full line of air cooled disc brakes. Type DBA and DBB are spring-applied, pressure-released units, which are great for conveyors, power presses, bottling equipment, and more. These brakes develop equal torque in either direction and have high torque and thermal capacities.



airflex dp caliper brakeCaliper Brakes

Eaton caliper brakes are highly versatile and are often used in conveyors, flywheel brakes, and tension brakes, among others. These brakes can be pneumatically or hydraulically actuated , plus the split construction allows them to fit a wide range of disc diameters and thicknesses. Additionally, multiple calipers can be combined per disc to provide greater torque.


airflex c2 rotorsealRotorseals

Rotorseals from Eaton Airflex allow fluids to be transferred from a stationary supply to a rotating shaft. The fluids may include air or hydraulic fluid to control clutches and brakes, lubrication, or cooling oil. Most applications require only one fluid to be transmitted, but Eaton also offers rotorseals for two and three fluids.