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Supplier & Distributor of Brake & Clutch Products

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Eaton Airflex VC Element
Eaton Airflex VC Element
Distributor of Brakes
Distributor of Brakes
Wichita Low Inertia Product Distributor
Wichita Low Inertia Product Distributor
Industrial Supplier of Brakes
Industrial Supplier of Brakes

The Rowland Company offers a comprehensive line of brakes, clutches, pneumatic, mechanical, hydraulic, electric, torque limiting, and caliper disc products to customers nationwide. We carry the latest and highest quality products produced by the industry's leading manufacturers. For instance, the Airtube line of disc clutches and brakes from Wichita Clutch, featuring an explosion proof design and direct air engagement. We also carry products from Ogura Clutch, who is the world's largest manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes. Customers are also offered the Airflex line of air cooled disc clutches and brakes, water cooled brakes, and tension brakes with high thermal capacity and long service life. Our cost effective options are designed for standard applications as well as custom engineered solutions. Rebuilding and refurbishing of clutches is also provided. To learn more about the variety of available brakes and clutches please contact us directly.

Brakes & Clutches Product Literature & Brochures

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Caliper Products (PDF - 968KB)
PDF Air Cooled Disc Clutches and Brakes (PDF - 1.95MB)
PDF Constricting Type Clutches and Brakes (PDF - 20MB)
PDF Rotorseals and Quick Release Valves (PDF - 1.61MB)
PDF Water-Cooled Brakes (PDF - 1.86MB)
PDF Ventilated & Solid Disc Brakes (PDF - 1.18MB)
PDF Spring Applied and Pressure Released Disc Brakes (PDF - 98KB)
PDF Type DC Brake Elements (PDF - 86KB)
PDF FHB Brake Elements (PDF - 1.61MB)

Eaton / Airflex Features & Benefits

  • Eaton Airflex is one of the most recognized & trusted names in the industrial clutch and brake industry
  • Over 40 years of adapting and innovating products to meet the customer's changing needs
  • Embodies the principal of classic design, superior performance, long life and the highest quality
  • Offers exceptional customer service and adding un-matched value for each customer
  • Products range from clutches to brakes to rotorseals

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    Drum Style Clutches & Breaks    Clutches & Breaks Accessories
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Air Tube Disc Clutches and Brakes (PDF - 1.37MB)
PDF AquaMaKKs Water Cooled Clutches and Brakes (PDF - 2.24MB)
PDF Standard Vent Clutches (PDF - 626KB)
PDF Tension Brakes - Very High Heat Capacity (PDF - 1.49MB)
PDF Tension Brakes-Air Cooled ModEvo Tension Brakes (PDF - 448KB)
PDF PowerTake-Off Clutches (PDF - 688KB)
PDF Spring-Set Brakes (PDF - 427KB)
PDF Low Inertia Air Tube Disc Clutches (PDF - 143KB)
PDF Low Inertia Air Tube Disc Brakes (PDF - 114KB)
PDF Low Inertia Spring Set Brakes (PDF - 119KB)
PDF Standard Vent Clutches (PDF - 109KB)
PDF Standard Vent Clutches With Mounting Option (PDF - 109KB)
PDF Kopper Kool Tension Brakes (PDF - 146KB)
PDF AquaMaKKs™ Water Cooled Clutches and Brakes (PDF - 146KB)
PDF Air Tube Disc Take-Off Clutches (PDF - 18KB)
PDF Mechanical Power Take-Off Clutches (PDF - 18KB)

Wichita Clutch Features & Benefits

  • Over 120 years of experience and knowledge in heavy duty clutch/brake industries
  • Committed to providing products and services at a level of quality that meets or exceeds the expectations and requirements of our customers
  • Continuous investment in CAD design stations, EDS I-DEAS 8 software package for 3-D modeling, CNC machining centers and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to meet high quality expectations
  • Products are used in the oil and gas, renewable energy, mining, metal forming, marine, forestry & off-highway industries

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    Power Take-Off Clutches
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Rugged Disc Brake Solutions (PDF - 2.5MB)
PDF Electronic Controls (PDF - 5.5MB)
PDF Pneumatic Controls (PDF - 3.1MB)
PDF Hydraulic Steering & Accessories (PDF - 6.9MB)

Kobelt Features & Benefits

  • Kobelt is vertically integrated, providing some of the fastest fulfillment times in the industry
  • Over 30 years of experience in industrial braking
  • Extensive use of bronze and stainless steel ensure product longevity
  • Endure harsh applications like marine, mining, and oil and gas
  • Designed for easy access to wear parts
  • Air, hydraulic, and spring applied brakes to suit your application

Ogura Clutch Features & Benefits

  • The largest manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes
  • Ogura's manufacturing capacity is approximately 30 million clutches and brakes annually
  • Offers high flexibility to handle special designs or modifications for customers
  • Approximately 3,000 different clutch models available
  • ISO 9001:2000, 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified
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Drum Brakes (PDF - 2.99MB)
PDF Spring-Set Brake KFB (PDF - 1.06MB)
PDF Spring-Set Brakes SFB Series (PDF - 1.54MB)
PDF SB 23 Disc Brakes (PDF - 1.17MB)
PDF SB 28 Disc Brakes (PDF - 78KB)
PDF SB 38 Disc Brakes (PDF - 81KB)
PDF EBN Brakes (PDF - 1.03MB)
PDF Spring Set KFB Brakes (PDF - 82.7KB)
PDF Electromagnetic Two-Disc Spring Set SFB Brakes (PDF - 72.3KB)

Pintsch Bubenzer Features & Benefits

  • Focused on the design, production and service of high quality braking systems for both static and dynamic applications
  • A high quality braking systems supplier who is well positioned to service the container handling, shipbuilding, offshore, mining, steel and wind industries world-wide
  • Quality management of the company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Offers production, installation, quality assurance, warehousing and forwarding. Departments are outfitted out with technically modern equipment and organized in accordance with the latest ergonomic and operational-logistics standards

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    Electric Clutches and Brakes

PDF 70 Series Double C Face (PDF - 180MB)
PDF 80 Series End Mount (PDF - 498KB)

Dings Features & Benefits

  • Brakes are spring-set, electrically-released motor brakes for mounting to NEMA C face motors
  • Offers hazardous location brakes which are equipped with a thermal overload mechanisms
  • Brakes tested to over 3 million cycles and are factory set to allow a reduction on installation time
  • RoHS compliant and torque adjustable

PDF Formsprag - Clutches FSFSOHPI (PDF - 90KB)
PDF Formsprag FSR (PDF - 90KB)
PDF Formsprag Holdback Clutches LLH (Long Life Holdbacks)
     (PDF - 1.15MB)

Formsprag Clutch Features & Benefits

  • The recognized leader in designing, manufacturing, and delivering dependable long-lived overrunning clutches
  • Industrial applications include mining, aerospace & defense, packaging, food processing, and material handling
  • Offers the broadest range of both Sprag and Ramp & Roller type over running clutches and backstops 
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FMD Torque Limiter Series (PDF - 242KB)
PDF HPTO 14-DD Hydraulic Power Take-Off (PDF - 2.37MB)

Manufacturers Features & Benefits

  • A leading manufacturer of a complete line of friction torque limiters, diesel engine clutches, brakes, gearboxes, and electronic microprocessor controls for machines
  • Known for exceptional quality and long-lasting performance, products are on equipment in the world's toughest environments
  • Provides effective solutions whether using our current or custom engineered products
  • Incorporates 3D solid modeling, failure effects analysis software, shockload analysis software and high speed data acquisition

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