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Supplier & Distributor Of PT Tech Electric & Hydraulic Brakes

Supplier & Distributor PT Tech Electric & Hydraulic Brakes


In the transmission component business, The Rowland Company offers a unique blend of deep experience and cutting-edge technology, distributing state-of-the-art high quality parts from our company that is well into its third century of business. Exemplifying this is our selection of hydraulic and electric brakes and power take offs from PT Tech. We carry the CDB0812A caliper disc brake with electrical release. This quality brake provides higher performance and easier maintenance than drum brakes, while featuring an improved wear life and quick friction puck replacement. Another quality brake from PT is the PTT-381-0 Enclosed Wet Brake. Designed specifically for the mining industry to fulfill our customers’ needs, it has two distinct functions for underground mining vehicles: a spring-set parking brake and a dynamic service brake. Another problem-solver is the HPTO8 hydraulic take-off clutch. With friction plates that operate in a dry environment, the hydraulic design of this part eliminates the need to adjust the clutch throughout its lifetime.

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