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Supplier & Distributor Of Ogura Clutch MIC, AMC & VC Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

Supplier & Distributor Ogura Clutch MIC, AMC & VC Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes


The Rowland Company is well known for delivering transmission component solutions for our customers across the United States. We have partnered with Ogura Clutch to provide the finest electric clutches and brakes, including the MIC Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake. It features a custom molded gear, one piece assembly, bi-directional operation, and special bushings that allow for millions of operating cycles, ensuring that this product has a long life. We also carry the AMC Electromagnetic Clutch. This electric clutch has easy mounting and maintenance, zero backlash, and fast response time from the elimination of splines. Also available from Ogura is the VC Electromagnetic Clutch, which features a compact design, quiet armature, and dry type single disc units, which ensure fast response in high speed, high cycle applications.

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