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Supplier & Distributor Of Dana-Spicer Driveshafts & Universal Joints

Supplier & Distributor Dana-Spicer Driveshafts & Universal Joints


The Rowland Company is a small, specialty firm with a rich history of customers throughout the United States. Originally founded in 1732, Rowland is a trusted distributor of transmission components, and proudly carries Spicer driveshafts and universal joints. Spicer manufactures high quality front driveshaft replacements for any type of vehicle. These driveshafts provide higher critical speeds and increased strength, all without increasing weight. Spicer employs high technology and precision design to create drive shafts that lower operating costs, have better performance, and provide vehicles with a longer life. Also available are Spicer Universal Joints. From light vehicle to commercial and off-highway, these products have complete interchangeability with existing parts. This results in tough, enduring joints that decrease downtime so our clients can keep business moving; with quality that always matches the original equipment.

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