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Supplier & Distributor Of American Vulkan Couplings, Mounts & Brakes

Supplier & Distributor American Vulkan Couplings, Mounts & Brakes


The Rowland Company is proud of our status as a trusted supplier of advanced transmission products, partnering with the American Vulkan Group to provide their line of couplings, mounts, and brakes to our customers nationwide. We supply flexible rubber couplings such as the RATO S. These couplings compensate radial, axial, and angular shaft displacements of connected machinery, and handles energy, oil, and gas. Vulkan also makes T Series resilient mounts, which have a torque range from 1.30 kN up to 175.00 kN. These high performance mounts are made with a special vulcanized rubber compound which makes for excellent suspension for propulsive units, power generating sets, and the suspension of exhaust piping. American Vulkan is also a top source for brakes such as the electromagnetic disc brakes, designed for minimum operating reaction times and reliable performances under the most extreme conditions.

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