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The Rowland Company expands! Please join us in welcoming:

Tyrel Ellis

Tyrel is our Outside Sales Engineer in New England. He joined us in July. He is covering the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Tyrel is servicing our customers from his office in Vermont and travelling throughout the New England States. Working as a Sales Engineer, Tyrel’s primary responsibility is to maintain and grow our current customers as well as to develop relationships with new companies. Previously, Tyrel worked as a Sales Engineer for G.S. Precision. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electromechanical Engineering. In his spare time, Tyrel enjoys rebuilding BMW’s. Being from New England, Tyrel is also as avid skier and spends considerable time on the volleyball court. We are very excited to have Tyrel representing The Rowland Company in New England.

Tim Sayler

As The Rowland Company grows on the outside, we are also growing on the inside. Tim joined the company in October as an Application Engineer. In this role, he will be supporting our Inside and Outside Sales Reps with his engineering knowledge. He is responsible for troubleshooting applications, recommending solutions and configuring the redesigned application. Tim came to us from ArcelorMittal where he was a Manufacturing Engineer. He is a Penn State graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. When Tim is not solving our customers’ application problems, he enjoys playing soccer and going to concerts. We are all looking forward to the additional technical support that Tim brings to Rowland.

Inside The Rowland Company.

Take a look inside The Rowland Company and our capabilities as we present our first YouTube video.

  • Factory authorized rebuild center for Eaton Airflex and Wichita Clutch
  • Engineering design and fabrication of custom driveshafts
  • Stocking industrial power transmission distributor
  • Full service industrial brake reline service
  • History as problem solvers since 1732

The Rowland Company is appointed as Vision X Distributor.

The Rowland Company has been selected to be a stocking distributor for Vision X Lighting. Vision X has a unique product line of LED lights. We can provide lighting fixtures for industrial, marine and mobile/off-highway applications. LED lights are great replacements for metal halide, sodium vapor or florescent light bulbs. The housings are die cast aluminum and carry an IP-68 enclosure rating. Beam patterns are available in 10° to 120° for a variety of applications including spot, flood, strobe and utility lights or general area lighting. Vision X lights have a 15.6 grms vibration rating which enable them to have long life on equipment that shakes standard bulbs to death.

LED Pitmaster  LED Shockwave     LED Extreme

The Rowland Company Announces New Brake Design for the Stage Rigging Industry

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Brake Design for the Rigging Industry
Patented (US 8,448,922 B2)

The Rowland Company is pleased to announce the introduction of a proprietary Patented (US 8,448,922 B2) brake design used in the stage rigging industry. This safety brake device is designed specifically for use in raising / lowering of theater curtains and orchestra pits with future expansion into any entertainment venue that involves the raising and lowering of stage equipment such as light standards and scenery. The device uses a combination of overrunning and spring applied clutches to ensure it is always applied. A specially treated friction material allows smooth, consistent performance. Two of the most important features of the brake design, aside from safety, are quiet operation and minimal wear / maintenance of the brake unit. The design has wide spread adaptability to other industries such as power generation, crane elevators, and mining.

Model* Bore Size (in) Max Torque (in-lbs)
50 7/8 — 1-5/16 3,000
60 1-1/4 - 2 18,000
*Additional sizes available

Established in 1732 as a premiere manufacturer of springs (for carriages and wagons), saws, spades, shovels and other like farm tools, The Rowland Company has transitioned to a specialty, niche distributor and fabricator. Today, we distribute industrial power transmission products such as brakes, clutches, couplings, drive shafts, crane electrification, friction material and related items. Additionally, we have a machine shop for the assembly / modification of our product to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We deal with a wide spectrum of industries such as steel, rail, marine, port authorities, power generation, mining, paper and most recently entertainment. To learn more, please contact us directly.

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TDI TurboStartTwo
TDI TurboStartTwo

TDI Air Starters

TDI Tech Development has appointed The Rowland Company as a stocking distributor of Air Starters. TDI is an international leader in turbine technology and the manufacturing of sophisticated custom machinery. The company’s core understanding of the movement of air, power, coupled with its ability to design and manufacture sophisticated rotating devices was a ripe environment for the development of new products.