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Mobile/Off-Highway Problems & Solutions

Stopping Brownouts


A local sand and gravel operation had a problem starting their large sand pump. Every time they started, the high electric power draw resulted in reduced voltage to their residential neighbors. This brownout was not acceptable.

Reviewing the situation, they found that the existing power lines were inadequate for the power draw to start the large system. It would be extremely expensive to replace the supply lines. They tried an electronic soft start, but the problem remained.


We reviewed their operation and options. In this instance, it was a fixed speed drive so we had the opportunity to consider centrifugal devices.

Our choices included a shoe type mechanical design or a large fluid coupling. Based on the data available, we opted for the fluid coupling approach because it offered greater flexibility in matching the acceleration curve to an acceptable power draw. Secondly, our fluid coupling offered a sheave-mount design allowing it to drop right into the existing installation.

Our sales engineer Don Morrissey worked with them during trial startups. He instructed them on the appropriate oil fill level that optimized start-up without brownout.

If your process causes your neighbors to have brownouts, maybe we can help.

Overload Protection Without Lost Production


A large grinding mill suffered from sporadic overloads during jam ups. Originally, without any form of overload protection, the pinion shaft would fail.

It was decided to add a shear pin protection device. This did protect the equipment, however it did not eliminate the down time and lost production.


A close review of the system allowed us to identify the maximum acceptable torque for the power train. We were then able to design a friction device that would consistently give at the upper limit.

We also studied their operating cycle to determine the amount of energy we would need to absorb.

Covering these two key parameters allowed us to come up with a device that would slip momentarily during peak overloads, and then continue as the torque drops back down to an acceptable level.

This approach eliminated equipment damage, while significantly reducing lost production.

Underground Rock Crushing


Crushers are used in underground mining to reduce all material to a safe size to protect conveyor belting. Traditional shear pins required frequent replacement in many mines. The result was significant down time and lost production.


Several torque limiters had been tried and proved inadequate. We developed a special assembly including high misalignment couplings. This rugged design had no adjustment and no disconnect.

Proper sizing protected the equipment while eliminating down time. Over all crusher efficiency went up.

If you have a difficult overload problem, we will see if we can develop just the protection you need without lost production.

Upgrading Corrugator Roll Stands


After 25 years of operation, the hydraulic drum brakes on the roll stands had become a high maintenance item. Additionally, it had become increasingly difficult to maintain consistent tension control.


A careful review of the application was necessary to determine the required thermal capacity and detail the envelope restrictions.

It was determined that a new air actuated brake with an integral cover could be mounted with minimal changes. The upgrade also included adding an automatic danger control system which has resulted in a significant quality improvement.

In conclusion, the brake upgrade reduced maintenance cost, improved quality and increased safety. These rolls stands are ready for another 25 years.