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Supplier & Distributor Of Power Electronics Crane & Hoist Controls Plus Variable Frequency Drives

Supplier & Distributor Power Electronics Crane & Hoist Controls Plus Variable Frequency Drives


In the area of motor control for cranes, safety, quality, and reliability are imperative. That’s why The Rowland Company is proud to carry a full selection of Power Electronics (PE) crane and hoist controls. For instance, the Smooth-Move® 2 can provide a crane-operating upgrade with smooth operation and more precise spotting and inching. It is designed specifically for two-speed A.C. motors and is U.L. and C.U.L. approved. We also carry PE’s complete control panels for cranes and hoists. These control panels have many high quality features, including Micro-Speed ™ variable frequency drive, Gang-Set ™ programmable LED display, and a full range of NEMA and explosion proof enclosures available. The PE Micro-Speed® MD Design™ series variable frequency drives are state-of-the-art. It’s the only drive designed exclusively for cranes and hoists, with higher starting currents, higher temperature ratings, and high reliability.

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