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Supplier & Distributor of VISION X LIGHTING PRODUCTS

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LED Construction Lighting
LED Construction Lighting
LED Marine Lighing
LED Marine Lighting
LED Mining Lighting
LED Mining Lighting
LED Structural Lighting
LED Structural Lighting

The Rowland Company is a proud supplier & distributor of Vision X LED lighting products, used on industrial lighting applications. Long life LEDs are used to replace strobe, fluorescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. This rugged LED lighting solution for the industrial and commercial industries is perfect for any application requiring high output and unsurpassed durability and with affordability in mind. Vision X LED lighting is built to last to perform in the toughest conditions. To learn more about the full line of Vision X lighting products, please contact us directly.

Vision X Product Literature & Brochures

PDF PitMaster Industrial Light (PDF - 134KB)
PDF Shockwave LED upgrade for flourescent (PDF - 82.7KB)
PDF High Intensity LED Strobe (PDF - 139KB)
PDF Utility Market Xtreme LED (PDF - 267KB)

VisionX Development Features & Benefits

  • ISO - Vision X Factory meets ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 169 Standards
  • HAZCOM - Certified HAZCOM Program
  • 500+ INSTALLATIONS - Vision X LED Lights are active in 500+ mine sites worlwide
  • LONG LASTING - 50,000 hour LED lifespan
  • 90% EFFICIENT - The PitMaster puts out 14,790 lumens of light while only drawing 12.5 amps 
  • RUGGED - Utility market Xtreme feature die-cast aluminum housing
  • 15 YEARS experience in finding lighting solutions
  • INNOVATION - Explosion proof LED lighting for oil and gas fields as well as commercial LED high bay replacement lights for buildings and light towers

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