Rebuild Services

Friction Bonding & Relining

The Rowland Company offers brake relining, bonding and riveting services for brake assemblies, brake bands, and brake shoes for brakes used in overhead hoists, mobile cranes, winches, and textile machinery. OEM Friction Bonding       Brake Relining

Brake and Clutch Unit Repair

The Rowland Company offers complete brake and clutch unit repair services as an authorized Wichita Clutch and Eaton Airflex repair facility. Repair includes clutch relining, cleaning, and testing for leaks and caliper brake rebuilding.  

Air Starter Repair

The Rowland Company offers spare parts and factory authorized repair service as well as factory rebuilds for all TDI air starter models. Our trained employees will strip, report and rebuild the starters to original factory specifications.  

Custom Friction Machining

The Rowland Company can machine friction material into various shapes and sizes for your application. We can machine discs, segments, pads or linings to customer drawings from flat sheet or flexible roll stock. Whatever your application calls for we have the tools to get the […]

Drive Shaft Repair

The Rowland Company offers drive shaft repair capabilities for shafts typically found in winders/unwinders, rolling mills, conveyors, bucket elevators and farm equipment. Repairs include balancing and straightening, rebuilding, and welding.