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Cable Reels
Cable Reels
Crane Electrification Products
Crane Electrification Products
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Grammer Seat Supplier
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Industrial Cable Reel Distributor

The Rowland Company has partnered with world leading manufacturers to bring customers the highest quality innovations in crane controls and electrification components, including parts from Conductix-Wampfler, PT Tech, Power Electronics International, Crane Boss, and other top companies. We provide conductor bars, festoon systems, brakes, variable frequency drives, and remote controls for a number of applications and industries including ports, steel mining, amusement parks, and overhead cranes. Completely custom engineered solutions are available at economical rates. We distribute a long list of specialty items such as the spring applied caliper disc brake with electrical release, the durable PowerReel and Handwind cable reel series with all steel construction and excellent indoor and outdoor industrial performance, and multi-processor remote control systems with rugged design and long battery life. All products are safe and reliable, upholding current standards and codes. For more information about the selection of advanced crane controls and electrification components available please contact us directly.

Crane Controls & Electrification Products Product Literature & Brochures

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Conductix Wampfler - Cellular Buffers - Technical Data Sheet (PDF - 168KB)
PDF Conductix Wampfler Conductor Bar Insul-8 - 8-Bar -Saf-T-Bar (PDF - 8.15MB)
PDF Conductix Wampfler Conductor Bar Safe-Lec 2 - Hevi-Bar II (PDF - 7.56MB)
PDF Conductix Wampfler Enclosed Conductor Rail BoxLine Program 0842 (PDF - 3.47MB)
PDF Conductix Wampfler Festoon Systems for C-Rails Program 0240 (PDF - 5.40MB)
PDF Conductix Wampfler Festoon Systems for I-beams Program (PDF - 1.24MB)
PDF Conductix Wampfler Radio Remote Controls Protean - L & K Series (PDF - 3.48MB)
PDF Conductix Wampfler Spring & Handwind Cable Reels PowerReel Series (PDF - 3.77MB)
PDF Conductix Wampfler Spring Driven Cable Reels PowerReel Series (PDF - 5MB)

Conductix Wampfler Features & Benefits

  • Design, manufacture, and install/service a wide range of conductor bar systems, transit conductor rails, slip ring assemblies, and inductive power transfer (IPT®) systems, as well as cable festoons, spring driven cable reels, and motor driven cable reels
  • Offers an array of crane controls, including push button pendants, radio remote controls, and bumpers
  • Engineer compressed air and electric delivery systems, and offer workstations, spring balancers, and air balancers
  • Rugged, low-maintenance products have been proven over time in the most demanding industrial environments and are backed by a combined worldwide sales and service network unmatched industry
  • All plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified

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    Crane Control & Electrification

Harrington Hoist Features & Benefits

  • Manual, Electric, & Air Chain Hoists/Trolleys
  • Electric Wire Rope Hoists/Trolleys
  • Complete Crane Systems & Components
  • World Class Customer Service
  • Robust Engineering for Heavy Duty Use
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PT Tech - CDB1317A - Caliper Disc Brakes (PDF - 348KB)
PDF PT Tech - CDB1621A - Caliper Disc Brakes (PDF - 335KB)
PDF PT Tech - CDB1924A & CDB2329A- Caliper Disc Brakes (PDF - 247KB)

PT Tech Features & Benefits

  • A leading manufacturer of a complete line of Friction Torque Limiters, Diesel Engine Clutches, Brakes, Gearboxes, and Electronic Microprocessor Controls for Extreme Machines
  • Known for exceptional quality and long-lasting performance, our products are on equipment in the world's toughest environments
  • Has 30+ years of experience in OEM markets
  • Focus on Safety, Reliability, Productivity, availability, ease of interface and innovation
  • Always provide top notch products or custom engineered solution
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PE - Power Electronics Internations, Inc. - Micro-Speed (PDF - 525KB)

Power Electronics Features & Benefits

  • Over 40 years of work in the electronic motor control for cranes
  • They are a world-class manufacturer of Micro-Speed® variable frequency drives and Smooth-Move® reduced torque control units, PE equipment is world renowned for high reliability and quality
  • Is a member of Material Handling industry of America, ECMA, CMAA and HMI
  • Power Elecctronics has the best ratings in the Industry! Their temperature rating alone is 50% higher than competitors

Crane Boss Features & Benefits

  • Highest Standard of quality, reliability, durability and safely in digital radio remote controls for overhead crane applications
  • Over 45 years of radio crane controls expertise
  • Product design increases accuracy in spotting loads speeds operation and thus reducing damage to materials

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