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Supplier & Distributor Of Thordon Bearings Engineered Polymer Bearings

Supplier & Distributor Thordon Bearings Engineered Polymer Bearings


As a key source for transmission-related industrial products for clients, The Rowland Company is proud to distribute high quality engineered polymer bearings from Thordon Bearings. For example, Thordon features a wide variety of non-metallic bearings, sliding wear pads, and structural elastomer components for pump and industrial applications. These components do not require oil or grease, are abrasive resistant, reduce noise, and allow for better load distribution over the bearing surface. Thordon bearings reduce the environmental impact for users, allowing them to eliminate any risk of criminal, civil and administrative penalties and other adverse reactions such as bad public relations that may occur from oil or grease leaking into rivers, lakes or seas.

To learn more about the many polymer bearings that are available from Thordon, please feel free to contact us directly.

 Propeller Shaft Bearings

Thordon propeller shaft bearings are available in four different grades and multiple configurations to offer the optimal bearing solution for each owner’s specific application and technical requirements.  Open seawater lubricated bearing options include Thordon COMPAC, RiverTough, SXL, and XL.

With over 35 years of experience, Thordon has solid references in over 2,000 marine propeller shaft bearing applications.  Whether your bearing needs are for repair, conversion, or newbuild, Thordon propeller shaft bearings and bearing systems deliver proven, reliable, cost-effective performance.

COMPAC Propeller Shaft Bearings

Thordon COMPAC is a high performance water lubricated bearing system primarily for “blue water” operating conditions.  Specially formulated with a low coefficient of friction to reduce startup friction and eliminate stick-slip, COMPAC is designed to promote early formation of a hydrodynamic film at lower shaft speeds.  The lower (loaded) portion of the bearing is smooth, while the upper half has water grooves to lubricate and cool the bearing.


RiverTough Propeller Shaft Bearings

Thordon RiverTough bearings are specially formulated to provide longer wear life in highly abrasive and dirty water conditions, such as river boat propeller shafts and suction cutter head bearings on dredges.  RiverTough has proven to last at least twice as long as rubber bearings in extreme environments.



SXL Propeller Shaft Bearings

Thordon SXL offers a lower coefficient of friction for lower break-away torque and smoother operation at lower shaft speed, increased resistance to third particle abrasive wear, and longer wear life compared to XL.


TG100 Seal

The Thordon TG100 is a mechanical seal for 88mm (3.5”) to 305mm (12”) propeller shafts found in workboats, dredgers, tugs, yachts, patrol craft, and other coastal vessels operating in either clean or dirty, abrasive-laden water.



Rudder Bearings 

SXL Rudder Bearings 

Manufactured for long wear life and reduced maintenance costs, TG100’s elastomeric bellows accept both axial and radial shaft movement and compensate for alignment issues.  Its unique emergency seal allows stand-alone operation to get you back to port safely, without damaging the seal.  The wedge “lock” design ensure the rotary face is perfectly square to the shaft.

                                           Thordon SXL rudder bearings offer low friction, operating pressures up to 12 MPa (1,740 psi) and do not require grease or greasing                                                            systems.  Thordon SXL can also withstand high shock loads and edge loading.

                                           An impressive reference list of demanding, yet satisfied customers is available.  Thordon SXL is recognized as the proven choice for value,                                              guaranteed performance, and freedom from pollution concerns.

                                           Thordon guarantees that SXL rudder bearings will meet Classification Society wear specifications for 15 years in all newbuild projects, or                                                  twice the life of the replaced non-Thordon bearing to a maximum of 10 years for repairs, or a new bearing will be supplied, free of charge.

Deck Machinery Bearings

Ensuring reliable operation of all equipment installed above the waterline is a tough issue for any ship’s crew. Deck machinery and steering gear bearings require frequent maintenance and grease lubrication. If routine maintenance is delayed or greasing is overlooked, it has a high cost consequence for the ship owner—seized bearings can cause expensive rope replacement, safety issues as a result of manual greasing, and vibration causing damage to the piston and cylinders.

ThorPlas-Blue is a maintenance-free solution, eliminating a source of pollution. The proprietary engineered thermoplastic bearing is capable of pressures up to 45MPa (6,527 psi); higher pressures may be possible with Thordon Engineering review. ThorPlas-Blue can easily be back fit into virtually all applications where greased bronze is currently installed. A stainless steel or non-corrosive mating surface should be used.


Typical ThorPlas-Blue Deck Equipment Maintenance Free Applications

        • Fairleads
                • Lifeboat davits and sheave bearings 
                • Tiller arm and jockey bar bearings 
                • Hydraulic steering gear self-aligning bearings 
                • Pivot point bushings on embarkation and loading platforms 
                • Cranes, hoists, and deck loading equipment 
                • Winches 
                  • Watertight doors and hatches 

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