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Supplier & Distributor of Nexen Group Pneumatic Clutches, Brakes & Controls Products

Supplier & Distributor Nexen Group Clutches, Brakes & Controls Products


At The Rowland Company, we are proud of our heritage and history of supplying our customers with solutions for their transmission component needs. A tradition of quality is demonstrated by our selection of pneumatic clutches, brakes, and controls manufactured by the Nexen group. The FMCBE-70-14 801360 is an air-engaged, standard coefficient clutch with an enclosed design, and features a machined aluminum finish with a maximum rpm of 3600. We also carry Nexen’s SBPA02 964621, an air-engaged servo motor brake. It features zero backlash, low inertia, and 20 to 50% more torque than our competition. Nexen’s Air Volume Booster 964228 is an advanced control accessory used when a pneumatic converter can’t deliver enough air flow for a quick response; it is line supported and produces 45 SCFM with a 100 psi supply and a 20 psi output.

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